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Pride Or Die T-Shirt - RaW Training Camp - Black

Pride Or Die T-Shirt - RaW Training Camp - Black
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Pride Or Die T-Shirt - RaW Training Camp - Black


  • - Fitted cut. 100% combed cotton 180gr.

  • - The combed cotton is known for being the softest and most resistant cotton of all, its long fibbers allow threads to stay soft even after many washing sessions.

  • - The material we use is tainted with reactive colouring products, made to chemically blend with the thread fibbers.

  • - This special process allows us to get shades, solid coloured patterns and a great protection against sun rays, washing products, sweat, etc...

  • - We only use water based ink to print our products. This choice was only logical as it is less toxic and better for the environment as well as for our fam members' wealth.

  • - Our ink deeply encrusts the material fibber which gives colours a deeper and more luminous look and a soft touch without any thick feel.


You’ve managed to get out of the Z-Camp?! Great! Mental Strenght is always a must but it is nothing without a strong physical back up…. So welcome at the "RTC", the Raw Training Camp!
"Bring The Pain" isn’t just an expression here, it is an operating mode. Kettle Bells, Barbells, TRX, Battle Rope,... Abnegation and a lot of dedication. Don’t even think about quitting.
PoD Soldiers, it’s time to see what you’re really made of…

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